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The Virginia Grand Tour Is Here For 2017:

               The Ride is the Prize!

The 13th Annual Virginia Grand Tour

brought to you by the Honda Riders of Tidewater.

We've combined our fund raiser with 15 of our favorite destinations, along with maps, and nearby attractions and we put them into a booklet (similar to a passport). Proceeds to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Ride for Kids

The Passport has 15 checkpoints throughout the state of Virginia. You may visit these checkpoints in any sequence any time between now and September 30, 2017. Get them all in one week, or get one a week, it's up to you. Simply answer each question in your passport at the checkpoints you visit. You must visit at least 12 of the 15 to be a "finisher" of the tour. If you are unable to answer the question, take a picture of you and your motorcycle (just your motorcycle if you're alone) with the checkpoint in the picture, and include that with your passport when you submit it to be certified as a "finisher". If you're in a group, get all of you in a group shot.

Once you have visited at least 12 checkpoints, simply return your passport's answer page or e-mail your answers, to the address below. Finisher pins will be mailed in early October.

The tour is completely independent, you can ride on your own or with your friends.

And, since the stops are all over the state, the tour is good from what ever part of the state you live in. Start in the east? Ride west or north. Starting in the north? Ride south and south west. It's all good riding.

We hope you enjoy your rides, and welcome any suggestions you might have for checkpoints on next year's tour.

To order a Virginia Grand Tour book see any HRoT member or contact Terry Simpkins at
Or mail your request, along with your check for $20 made out to Honda Riders Of Tidewater to:

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